Where can I find information or support to assist with disability related needs?

For access to many services you may need an official confirmation of the disability from a specialist health professional.

If your disability is due to an accident or medical misadventure, contact the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) for an assessment of need and help with identifying the providers who can support you (contact details under Organisations and Agencies).

If your specialist has confirmed that you have a long term disability that has NOT been caused by an accident or medical misadventure, contact your local Needs Assessment and Service Co-ordination Agency (NASC) for access to an assessment.   In Christchurch Lifelinks is the NASC provider (see contact details under Organisations and Agencies).

Possible funding for services is available for those who meet ACC or NASC criteria.  For those who do not meet these criteria, you can still contact both organisations for a list of services that can be purchased on a private basis.

For assistance with disability related costs, such as disability allowance and invalids benefits, contact the Work and Income Call Centre on 0800-559-009 or talk directly with your Work and Income Case Manager.

If you are recovering from a hospital admission, talk with the Hospital Social Worker about potential “short term” assistance or contact Nurse Maude on (03) 375 4200.

If you are ORS funded (see Education and Training), talk with your teacher or Ministry of Education, Special Education Key Specialist.

How do I obtain a Specialist Report about my disability, where do I start?

To obtain this you may need to talk with your:

  • GP or Practice Nurse
  • Paediatrician or Specialist.  If you do not have one assigned to you, talk with your GP around referring you to the appropriate service or Specialist.
  • Hospital Social Worker
  • NASC Service Co-ordinator
  • ACC Case Manager
  • Ministry of Education, Special Education Key Specialist
  • School Principal if the school is a provider of specialist services.